The British Muslim communities invite you and your family and friends to experience a Ramadan fast-breaking meal during the Month of Ramadan in 2016 in a Mosque near you.

We are working to:

· Welcome Muslims and non-Muslims, people of all colours and races, people of faith and no faith.

· Encourage Mosque to invite local neighbours to experience Ramadan Iftar

· We want to welcome all our overseas guests, along with anyone who lives in the UK, to share in a Ramadan fast-breaking feast in a Mosque near them. · These events are open to all Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Mosque Iftar team has been working with 100's of Mosques and Islamic Centres throughtout the UK since 2012 promoting this concept.

Come to a mosques in the UK to extend a warm welcome to all visitors and to make the Mosque Iftar campaign safe, special and spiritual.

Mosque Iftar initiative is a Faith Associates ( managed project. To get in touch with us, contact us on: